Having trees on your property will — so long as they are correctly placed — provide shade in the warmer months, help retain heat during the winter, offer increased privacy, and add to the aesthetics of your yard or land. Your trees do, however, need some loving care to ensure that they remain healthy and can continue to grow. Why do you need to trim your trees? There are numerous reasons that have little to do with the tree itself. Your trees also, however, have a better chance of growing when they are pruned from time to time.

Although it may seem counter-intuitive, trimming the overgrown areas of your trees along with dead branches will allow them to thrive and keep growing new branches. That is because excessive shading cuts trees, particularly young ones, off from the sunlight and moisture they need to keep on growing in a healthy and strong manner. Frequent tree trimming allows young trees to develop a sturdy trunk and limbs, while also guiding their structure.

It is not uncommon for trees to be damaged by storms, either. Resulting dead branches not only interfere with the growth of the tree, but also pose a risk to people. While fallen branches represent a tripping risk, it is equally possible for branches to snap while people are nearby.

A third key reason to keep your trees’ branches pruned is that the trimming process allows you to keep a close eye on their overall health. Pests and diseases alike are among the most serious threats to tree growth — a risk that only becomes more urgent once you know that they can spread from one tree to another. By trimming your trees regularly, you will be able to spot problems early on and deal with them while they are still manageable.