Many homeowners look at their yards and cringe because of the unsightly tree stump sitting on their property like a blemish. While tree stumps are not always a problem we think about in depth, keeping one might be more than just a flaw in your home’s aesthetics, and you will benefit in more ways than one from expert tree stump removal.

A tree stump can be a hazard. Children playing in your yard might trip and fall over it while running, and a visitor could get injured while on your property and create a liability issue. Your lawn mower could also take some damage to the blades if you aren’t particularly careful to avoid the stump.

A decaying stump will attract insects as well. It may take up to 7 years for a stump to fully decompose, and in that time period there will be termites, beetles, ants and other critters going to town. Having bugs in your yard isn’t usually a problem, but if they get in your home, then it will be.

If you have a stump in your yard that needs to be removed, contact Nationwide Tree Service’s experts today.