If you have never paid much attention to the trees on your property, you may not realize the importance of trimming your trees on a regular basis.

As a professional tree trimming company, we want to convince you that tree trimming is an important part of your home’s maintenance.

The trees on your property may seem to be growing fine on their own without your gardening skills or any trimming to help them along. This is deceiving, since trees grow so slowly. You probably wouldn’t notice if your treetops became too heavy or thick, at least until a branch falls on your house! (Knock on wood.)

Tree trimming keeps your trees healthy (when done properly), and prevents weak branches from growing that may become dangerous to you and your property over time. Also, it can help with improving the natural beauty of your trees and your landscaping. A well-trimmed tree looks cared for, while an overgrown tree can imply neglect.

If you’ve asked yourself, “What gardening skills?” you don’t need to worry, since you don’t need a green thumb to have your trees trimmed.

Tree Trimming Safety

Tackling tree service projects can be a dangerous task. It should not be a part of your average yard work that can be done casually on a Sunday afternoon. You need a professional. Tree trimming, tree removal, tree pruning and stump removal are all serious business, and we will treat it with the utmost alertness to keep you and your family safe.

What are some safety measures that are put in place to ensure safe success during your tree service project?

  • We stand by a safety-first policy, meeting weekly to maintain a positive safety culture.

  • Always pay attention to weather conditions. Unless in the case of an emergency, if the elements do not allow for safe execution, do not hail the storm. 

  • Using gloves, safety glasses and hearing protection to keep the body shielded from any potential fly aways.

  • Always be aware of falling branches and loose limbs. If there is a branch touching or near a power line, it can cause an immediate fire hazard threat to your community.

  • Make sure there is no one who is standing within the caution zone radius. Never begin a trimming project with people in the immediate vicinity.

  • Know how to properly use a chainsaw.

  • Cleaning up is crucial! Meticulous sweeping of the area after servicing aids in your safety.

Nationwide Tree Services has been in the game for over 20 years, granting a wide variety of full-services from fully licensed experienced professionals. We have a wide variety of customers, from residential to commercial to municipal, we can help with your needs.

We are a 24 hour emergency service. So, in the unfortunate event of a storm uprooting an oak tree, do not hesitate to call at any hour of the night. We provide fast and reliable service for all projects, both big and small.