Your pruning shears are the tool from your garden that takes the biggest beating. You use them for cutting branches, regular pruning and it is quite likely that they are used for jobs they are simply not meant to do.

With that being said, keeping your pruning shears sharp is very important. After all, when the blades are sharp, it is much easier to get through the bushes, branches, and other things that you need them to.

The best way to sharpen your pruning shears is to first take them apart and clean the blades with some warm soapy water. Once they are cleaned, you will then want to use some sandpaper to get off any plant sap, rust, or soil.

To sharpen you will want to find the angled edge of the blade and then file the blade in one direction. Do this several times and then do the same thing with the other blade.

Once you have cleaned and sharpened the blades you will then want to put the pruning shears back together. You can then try them out on any of your plants that need pruning.