If you are planning to cut down a tree, safety is one of the most important things to consider. There are several items of safety equipment that you should make sure that you are wearing any time you are working on cutting down a tree.

Is cutting the tree down absolutely necessary?

This is the most important first question to answer. Why are you thinking of cutting the tree down? Is it necessary landscaping for a new project? Is it a dead or dying tree? Can it be helped? If it can be helped or you are simply cutting the tree down because it’s in the way, take some extra time to consider how it will affect your current yard’s ecosystem. Trees contribute a great deal to the system that lives surrounding it, and before jumping to a solution, remember how it’s removal may manipulate the rest of the wildlife and plant systems.

These questions should all be answered prior to making a decision. Consider the amount of time it takes for a tree to grow, and how it’s loss would impact your property.

If you haven’t sought professional consultation, it’s recommended to do that first. This will allow an outside, professional perspective to give insight on what’s to be done in your customized situation. They’ll assess the damage to the tree, what it would take to heal, and what you can do on your end as the owner. Again, as you’ve considered now how its loss will change the natural ecosystem around your property, you’ll be fully prepared for the solution. Remember the time it takes for a tree to grow again, and how long you’ve had the property in the first place. If you expect new trees to grow in the time you have the home, it’s unrealistic to see that kind of production replicated over such a short period of time.

Equipment necessary to cut a tree down

You first need a logger helmet to make sure that your head is protected in case any branches fall. These can be found online or at most local appliance stores for and yardwork or routine landscaping maintenance. You’ll also need a face screen and earmuffs to protect your eyes and your ears, safety goggles to keep the tree dust out, and Kevlar chaps, that stop chains instantly should you drop the bar on your leg. All these preventative measures may seem like a bit much, but they are necessary. Cutting down a tree is extremely dangerous and can go poorly quickly. You may want to have some extra hands around at the time of the process beginning, as well as all of the necessary equipment on hand prior to starting the process. This will allow you to begin planning out where the tree will end up on the ground.

Next, make sure to estimate your felling zone. An easy way to do this is to use what is called the ax handle trick.

To do this you will hold the handle of the ax at arm’s length and then close one of your eyes. Move towards or back away from the tree until the top of your ax is about even with the top of the tree. Your feet should end up about where the top of the tree is going to be when it falls.

It is important to note that this is an estimate, so allow a bit of extra room, especially if there is something that the tree may fall into.

To sum it up, be sure that cutting down the tree is totally necessary. If you still deem the removal of the tree necessary, it will then be time to get all the equipment needed to complete the job correctly and safely. Much of the equipment you’ll need will already be owned by a professional company, so a lot of the time, it makes the most sense for homeowners to hire an outside company that already has all the equipment needed and who can ensure the job will get done right without any potentially dangerous mishaps in the process. In this case, you can research companies to get the job done, but here at Nationwide Tree Service, our team members will be sure to safely remove your tree(s) but we can also trim them, prune them, plant them, provide emergency care, keep them healthy, and help you develop long-term landscaping plans with the help from our certified arborists (an arborist is a highly trained tree professional thoroughly experienced in the science of planting, caring for, and maintaining trees). Our certified arborists are highly seasoned professionals that are certified by the International Society of Arboriculture by taking rigorous certification exams related to arboriculture.

If you want expert help with cutting down your next tree, contact Nationwide Tree Service today!