Driftwood may look beautiful by the seaside, but a fallen tree on your neighbor’s car is anything but pretty.

Smart homeowners check the trees on their property yearly, especially after rainstorms. A quick inspection of all the trees may save time and money in the future by identifying the branches that need trimming.

Broken or dead tree limbs and branches not only jeopardize the health of your tree but also pose physical safety issues for pedestrians and property. Take a few minutes to examine the trees on your property for loose branches or dead limbs. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Loose and dead tree branches can cause expensive property damage if not properly disposed of.

When your trees are small and manageable, you and your friends may be able to prune and trim them yourselves. But once your trees reach a certain level of maturation, you need to call in a professional tree service to beautify and protect your property.

Healthy trees are consistently pruned. Pruning your trees back so they’ll grow healthier is just one reason that Pasadena, MD homeowners hire us. There are many reasons to prune trees and we can handle any issue from health to safety to maintenance. Proper tree pruning can boost flower and fruit production. If the tree pruning is done incorrectly, the tree growth can be decreased. 

Nationwide Tree Service is the number one choice in Maryland, voted by the people. We pride ourselves in our care and dedication to your safety and arbor health.

Sometimes we will get a call, begging our crew to come out to remove a tree that has fallen. Usually this happens after a heavy rainy season, where the tree roots are loosened. When the roots have no ground to hold onto, they give way and the tree will topple over. Other times, a dead branch will fall and split from the trunk. Either scenario is dangerous, and our clients want the trees dealt with quickly.

Tree removal is recommended when the tree is dying or dead; if it is located in an area where new construction requires removal; if its roots are impacting sewers, pipes, cables, or foundations; if it’s in decline greater than 30%, or if it has been damaged beyond repair (generally by a storm).

Nationwide Tree Service will respond fast to your call. We care about the residents of Pasadena, MD.

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