Trees are likely the most underrated natural skyscrapers that the planet has provided for us for thousands of years. It’s easy to take them for granted— for some of us, they inhabit every corner we turn. But they’re so much more than pretty plants to be taken for granted— they are the epitome of life on earth, and human beings should do more to preserve their numbers. Here are 6 reasons why we should all take the time to plant a tree.

1. They give us cleaner air

Not only do they photosynthesize carbon dioxide to give us oxygen, but they also absorb other pollutants like ammonia, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and ozone. One tree on its own can absorb about 10 pounds of dirty air each year and release an estimated 260 pounds of oxygen in return.

2. It can save you some money

Trees are nature’s very original air conditioning system, providing shade from the sweltering summer sun— meaning a lower energy bill. 

3. They can bump up your property value

Studies suggest that homes with trees in their yard are worth on average 15 percent more than comparable homes without them.

4. Trees fight against climate change

As mentioned before, trees absorb the harmful pollutant—carbon dioxide— which is ultimately the culprit behind global warming. The hotter the planet gets, the more devastating climate change becomes throughout the planet. Trees help cool us off when we collectively plant them in abundance.

5. They attract beautiful wildlife

Trees are the woodsy homes of our bird friends, where they lay their nests, sing their songs, and lighten our spirits. Squirrels also love trees, and they’re some of nature’s most entertaining creatures (have you seen the skittish way they approach a human with a potential snack?) 

6. Trees can help with your mental health

One of the best ways to alleviate stress is to go outside, take a walk, and breathe in the fresh air. Trees not only provide that fresh air, but they’re beautiful to look at as well, and provide some of the best spots to sit under and read a book.