To average folks, tree pruning seems straightforward. Just chop off a bit at the ends until you get a smaller tree. Expert tree service companies know that this isn’t true. There are acceptable and unacceptable methods of tree pruning that can determine the health, beauty and efficacy of the pruning process. Here are two you need to know about before hiring a tree pruning service.

Topping is a method of tree pruning that can lead to serious problems. Using “heading cuts,” topping can cause vigorous new growth that is unsightly, dense, fast growing, and prone to breakage. This brittle density makes it harder to prune the tree, requires pruning more often, can cause inner branches to die, and can be dangerous due to weakly attached, falling branches.

Crown Reduction
Nationwide Tree Service only uses crown reduction when pruning your trees. By cutting only at the point of juncture from a smaller lateral branch, we can keep the natural growth of your tree intact. The tree will be smaller, producing the same end result, but there will be less damage to your tree.

You can trust Nationwide Tree Service to prune your tree safely and effectively. Contact us for a tree pruning appointment today.